Direct Path to Success with Mark England and me this week only

After rave reviews from our emotional detox workshop, Mark England has extended his L.A. trip and we’re excited to work with you.

Our intention is to quickly get to the heart of exactly what you want and use tools to clear anything that may be holding you back.
We’re offering a “Direct Path to Success” package that includes the following:
1. A 75-minute session with Greg and Mark to clarify your goals, see where you are now, identify your challenges and discuss strategies for taking you to the next level.
2. A 75-minute session with Mark to re-program your software and belief systems and unblock anything that isn’t serving you. I’ve done it myself many times and it’s very powerful and liberating.
3. A 75-minute session with Greg to create a specific plan that incorporates the tools and techniques that you have learned into a practice.
Mark’s typical rate for 1 session is $240.
We’re offering this to ONLY 5 students now for a total of $175. First come, first serve.
To take advantage of this while Mark is still here, you’ll need to schedule your first appointment by next Wednesday, 9/14, at the latest.
You can reach Greg at 917-653-3247 or with questions.
More info on who we are what we do:
Five years ago, stressed-out, out-of-shape and unbalanced New Yorker Greg Dinkin arrived on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand to detox. Working with Mark England changed his life and produced the following results:

•  Lost 100 pounds.
•  Re-programmed his belief systems to align with his dreams.
•  Transitioned him into a new career path.
•  Found balance and peace living in L.A.

Mark England and Greg Dinkin focus on working with you to:
•  Develop tools to re-program your software.
•  Detox limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones.
•  Use conscious speech + powerful words that align with your goals and mission.

Topics include:
•  A 5-Step Model for Loving Life
•  Emotional Detox
•  Meridian Line Tapping
•  Language Modeling & Clarification
•  Creating Empowering Belief Systems


Mark England has been exploring and applying methods, philosophies, and techniques for Mental Liberation and Emotional Detoxification for almost a decade. His style has been heavily influenced by EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), Family Constellations, The Work of Byron Katie, and The Jedi Mind Sciences of John Kehoe. Mark loves to dance, laugh, free dive, and go on amazing adventures with amazing people. He holds a Master Degree in International Education and was a Sports Teacher in a previous life.

Greg Dinkin is a TED speaker, a champion poker player, an author, a salesman, a literary agent, a yogi, an entrepreneur, and above all, a teacher driven by finding the best process for success. By walking in the shoes of others and understanding how they think and learn, Greg is effective at making people better: better at business, health, sales, strategy, and life. Greg has an MBA and is a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. He is the author of The Finance Doctor, The Poker MBA (Random House), and he collaborated with gambling legend Amarillo Slim on his memoir (HarperCollins).

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