Talking About The 5 Love Languages on Radio Show

Life coach and author Greg Dinkin and dating coach Tripp educated Planet Love Match Radio listeners on how couples can better communicate at any stage of a relationship.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 10, 2012

Planet Love Match® Radio recently hosted dating coach Tripp from and life coach Greg Dinkin to deliberate on how couples can improve their communication with each other.

According to life coach Greg Dinkin, if partners do not understand what makes each other feel loved they may as well be speaking different languages. “The five love languages are physical touch, words, gifts, acts of service and quality time,” said Dinkin. He told listeners that these are ways to show love, and that each type of gesture will resonate differently for different people.

Greg Dinkin is an author and life coach who has written three books, including “The Poker MBA,” which explores the ways that poker and business are alike and helps people read expressions, interpret body language, and intuit what others may do. “The five love languages” were described in the book by the same name written by author Gary Chapman.

Dinkin told listeners it is important for people to make the kind of loving gesture that is most likely to be valued by their partners. “My brother…he’s totally acts of service,” he said. “He’s married; he’ll come home and he’ll do the dishes, he’ll take care of the kids, he’ll do everything. And that’s great, but his wife likes words. Come in and tell her how beautiful she is!”

“If you’re giving these amazing gifts to your partner, and they’re saying ‘why don’t we go on a picnic,’ what they are saying is ‘this doesn’t land on me; quality time is my love language,’” Dinkin said.

Building on this, well known LA dating coach Tripp provided an example from his own life of what makes his girlfriend feel most loved by acknowledging she is most touched by acts of service. “She loves it when she comes home to a really clean house and all the dishes are done,” he said.

The hosts highlighted how communication of love languages is key in successful relationships. “I talk a lot about how poker skills can help in business because you want to keep information close to the vest. You don’t want to reveal anything, you want to get information,” Dinkin said. “But it’s a bad strategy for dating and life. In dating, I feel you want to be direct. In life, just ask” if you want to know how to best care for someone.

Tripp began hosting the popular dating advice podcast “Dudes Talking About Chicks” in 2010. The show was so popular he decided to expand into personal dating coaching. He now counsels men throughout the LA area on how to improve their understanding of women and attract women to them naturally. Tripp advises that when a person first starts dating someone, they should try to observe what sorts of actions their new friend appreciates the most. He asserts that showing affection in this manner can help cement the new relationship.

“If you can pick up on those signals that’s huge,” Tripp said. “Imagine if you could really tune into someone’s love language. That would be amazing.”

Dinkin further notes that gestures do not have to be grand in order to be loving, particularly early in a relationship. Having a plan such as walking on a beach together could be a well-appreciated date idea that conveys interest and affection. Tripp added that what was important was that the date idea was creative and fun.

One of the ways that Greg Dinkin started to truly understand the importance of love languages came from talking to friends who were divorced. “Everyone I know who’s divorced, I ask them what was the love language of their ex,” he said. “And they can’t tell me.”

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